National Championship Show - June 20-24, 2023* - Lazy E Arena, Guthrie, OK

This show is held in conjunction with the VRH World Championship and is managed by AQHA. Complete information on the show will be available on  AQHA Website.

Qualifying requirements for The National Championship Show

Qualification Dates: March 1 and February 28
Qualification Requirement: Compete at 3 alliance partner shows

Two ways to get invited:

  1. Riders competing with the same alliance partner 3 times during the qualifying period will automatically receive an invitation to the National Championship Show from their alliance partner.
  2. Riders showing with a variety of alliance partners (ie. 1 show with AQHA, 2 shows with SHTX) the exhibitor must submit an Attendance Verification Form that documents attendance with each alliance partner. The form is due by March 30 in order to receive an invitation to the NRSHA National Show.

What shows count?
Any alliance partner show that offers the core all-around stock horse classes (cow work, reining, trail and pleasure/ranch riding) can be qualifying shows. Check with the alliance partner to verify their qualifying shows. Events like World Shows, Derbies and other special events may not be considered qualifying.

Shows that only offer a portion of these classes do not count. For example, an AQHA show offering individual VRH classes but not the All-Around classes are not considered qualifying shows.

What events do I qualify for?
Qualifying is not by event. Competing with an alliance partner show in at least one class will qualify that rider to compete in all NRSHA classes at the National Championship Show.

Is qualification on the horse or the horse/rider combination?
Qualification is based on the horse/rider combination in all divisions except Open, where qualification is based on the horse only. Any rider can show a qualified horse in the Open division at the National Championship Show.

What division do I qualify for?
7 Divisions are offered: Open, Amateur, Limited Amateur, Novice Amateur, Youth, Limited Youth and Novice Youth.

Qualified horse/rider combinations can enter any division they are eligible for.

  • To be eligible for the novice division a rider may not have more than 10 points in any breed association (including but not limited to AQHA, APHA, AQHA VRH All Around); or $500 in a national organization (including but not limited to NCHA, NRCHA, NRHA, RHAA, NRSHA) in any western performance discipline (including but not limited to western pleasure, working cow horse, reining, cutting, trail).
  • The rider must meet other amateur or youth eligibility requirements for their respective division per AQHA’s definition of an amateur and a youth.

What competition rules are used at the National Championship Show?
There are 5 classes offered in each division – ranch reining, ranch riding, ranch trail, ranch cow work, and ranch cutting.

The show follows AQHA VRH rules for each event with the following exceptions:

  1. In NRSHA cow work for open, amateur and youth, the exhibitor has the option to rope the cow or circle the cow. However, any open entries showing concurrently in VRH junior or senior ranch cow work class must rope to meet VRH rules.
  2. Riders may ride two-handed in a snaffle bit, hackamore or bosal on any age horse in the novice division. This is only allowed in novice divisions. All other AQHA equipment rules apply.

Classes run concurrently with their respective AQHA VRH division. The Open will run concurrently with VRH junior and senior classes.

View archived results from the NRSHA National Championship Show here.

Complete results and additional information from the NRSHA National Championship show are available at Press releases are available on our news page.

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